About ina.vibe

Embrace the bold initiation!

'ina' derived from the word 'inaugurate', meaning to initiate or begin something new. It also pertains to the word "inner", signifying our advocation of being conscious of our inner voice.

'vibe' refers to the energy and atmosphere around us.

ina.vibe, where love for the planet and conscious living come together. We advocate a new way of living - one that is sustainable and conscious.


Living in a busy city like Hong Kong, life is fast-paced and can be chaotic, leaving us constantly in motion, trying to get things done and pushing through life. Have you ever wished you could just push that pause button, slow down and find that moment of peace, physically and mentally?

Here at ina.vibe, we are trying to find that moment with you, to create the tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Beyond being a store, ina.vibe is a community for kindred spirits seeking solace from the bustling urban life. Join our community of passionate individuals who share a love for conscious living.

What we offer

ina.living - Products

We work with brands in Australia and New Zealand to bring natural, sustainable and eco-friendly household and personal care products to our community.

Our thoughtfully selected collection reflects our advocation to nurturing the planet and ourselves, offering products that not only cleanse and cherish our environment but also provide a sense of serenity.

We prioritise cruelty-free, fair-trade, and sustainably sourced products, ensuring that every purchase is an act of compassion. By choosing our products, you will find tranquility not only within yourself but also in knowing that your choices are kind to the planet and the communities involved.

ina.mine - Service

We develop programmes to help our community to be more conscious in our daily life and mental space, to utilise our consciousness to find our inner strength, to empower ourselves, to navigate through life difficulties and to grow.


Thank you for choosing ina.vibe as your partner in this journey of conscious living.

Together, let's create a world where love for the Mother Earth and each other intertwine, and where every choice we make is an expression of our deepest affection for a better, more sustainable future.