Collection: ROCC Naturals

Non-toxic oral care, enriched with vitamins and minerals,
backed by science and seriously sustainable.

Made with vitamins + earth minerals.

The toothpaste is packed with minerals and vitamins, designed for whole mouth health.

Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Made for healthy mouths.

We prefer superfoods like Mint. Coconut. Green tea. ROCC thinks your mouth does, too.

The toothpaste is made from real, delicious ingredients. No nasty chemicals, no extreme flavours, and definitely no Arctic Blast.

It’s a holiday for your teeth. And a sweet post-dinner treat.

Made with Biodegradable tubes.

Every year 1,500,000,000 toothpaste tubes enter the landfill. And live there for 500+ years. ROCC found a better way – a biodegradable toothpaste tube.

Make a difference, every time you brush.

Sustainable Packaging

Every element of ROCC‘s packaging has been designed for minimal impact on the earth.

The tubes are biodegradable. Cut off the end, give the insides a wash, then simply throw in the landfill waste bin.

The tubes are specifically designed to break down in landfill, and won’t turn into micro-plastics. It’s a win-win situation, for you and the planet.

The tube caps and toothpaste boxes are recyclable – simply dispose into your recycling bin.