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Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste | Vitamin B12 Mint + Coconut Oil | Fluoride FREE | 100g

Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste | Vitamin B12 Mint + Coconut Oil | Fluoride FREE | 100g

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This Everyday Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste is expertly formulated with an array of top-tier, natural ingredients. This includes the finest quality Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin, a vital nutrient, along with Calcium Carbonate, a mineral derivative from the earth that gently polishes teeth for a clean, sparkling finish.

This natural toothpaste also features Lauryl Glucoside, a plant-based surfactant that diligently works to eliminate debris, coupled with the wonders of Coconut Oil, known for its remarkable ability to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. This is truly a toothpaste that you'll reach for every day.

This natural toothpaste not only stands out with its appealing pink hue (thanks to the natural colour of Vitamin B12), but also serves as a top choice for vegan customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Formulated with scientific research
  • Ensures naturally fresh breath
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Friendly to the mouth's microbiome
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth

In ROCC’s commitment to the environment, the toothpaste tubes are fully biodegradable!

ROCC Natural Toothpastes are free from harmful substances such as**:**

  • SLS
  • Bleaches
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Triclosan
  • DEA
  • Parabens

By choosing ROCC’s natural toothpaste, you are making a sustainable switch in your oral care routine.

*Due to the natural ingredients, the toothpaste has a less dense texture compared to conventional toothpaste. *Owing to the biodegradable nature of the tube, the cap may be a bit challenging to open. We recommend unscrewing the cap when using it.

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